Merry Meet, all. Hummingbird, here. 21-year-old eclectic Pagan and witch who works primarily in crystal, boundary, and energy magicks. Asexual, with a wonderful girlfriend. I am just beginning to learn the path of Athena. Attending college with end goal of a degree in Interior Design.

This blog is a digitalized record of my life as a Pagan. It includes spells, charms, notes on the properties of various magickal items, and my own personal experiences with my practice. Sometimes I post multiple times a day, sometimes it's once a month.

All are welcome here. Please, make yourself at home, and let me know if I can help you with anything. )0(


April 27th, 2017

We all know by now that I am a sucker for crystals, and last week, the lovely Rebekka of bekkathyst.com had a really great coupon running. As a result, I bought myself some little treats to get me through the end of the semester.

I got another Aquamarine and a Rainbow Moonstone, and then I also got a new crystal - Apophylite. I'm looking forward to researching its properties.


April 23rd, 2017


Physical Characteristics: Orthoceras fossils are the remains of slender, elongate shelled animals, which look similar to related nautiloid cephalopods, making identification difficult.

In Nature: With a name meaning "straight horn", Orthoceras is an extinct genus of nautiloid cephalopod, specifically of the variety native to the Baltic States and Sweden. It lived during the Paleozoic and Triassic periods, and is typically found in a limestone matrix.

Chemical Composition: CaCO3 matrix, with a fossil of varying mineral composition

Mohs Scale Hardness: 7.5-8 (high)

Can be Found: Baltic States and Sweden

Healing Properties*: Orthoceras fossils have been used to lessen the symptoms of anxiety and depression, and to heal conditions related to the spine and to aging.

Magickal Properties: Like with many fossils, Orthoceras is rooted in energies pertaining to time; it can assist in past life discovery and meditation, moving past old traumas, and in working through transition periods. It is likewise a stone of business success, promoting prosperity and financial stability. In energy work, Orthoceras can assist with the development of psychic abilities and in Reiki healing.

Chakra Association: Root (First) chakra

Element: Earth

Energy: Receptive

Planetary Association: Earth

*Magickal healing should never take the place of seeing a doctor and following any recommended prescriptions, actions, or other advice. Magick works best in tandem with physical efforts, anyway, so don't skimp on those check-ups!

April 9th, 2017


Physical Characteristics: Bismuth is a brittle white metal, but when oxidized will display iridescent colors ranging from red to yellow to blue. Its iconic stair-stepped shape results from a higher growth rate along its outside edges than on its interior. The metal is also strongly diamagnetic, meaning that it is repelled by magnetic fields, and is one of the principal components of MagLev train systems.

In Nature*: One of the periodic chemical elements, Bismuth is written with the symbol Bi, and has an atomic number of 83. It is chemically similar to arsenic, antimony, tin, and lead, but curiously has a much lower toxicity. It also has a very low thermal conductivity, and is weakly radioactive, though given that its half-life is a billion times the estimated age of the universe, it is considered stable in virtually all scientific scenarios and is harmless to humans.

*Note: Bismuth's crystal-lattice structure is rarely found in nature. As such, the Bismuth crystals on the market are lab-grown specimens. This does not decrease their metaphysical value, but it is something to be aware of. Websites claiming to sell natural Bismuth crystals are likely running a scam.

Chemical Composition: Bi

Mohs Scale Hardness: 2.25 (very low)

Can be Found: Australia, Bolivia, China, Vietnam, Mexico

Healing Properties*:
 Bismuth may be used to slow degenerative muscular conditions.

Magickal Properties: With a unique combination of chemical properties and a long, convoluted history of use, Bismuth is a very odd, not to mention fascinating, metal.

It was commonly utilized in alchemical practices, and even had its own designated symbol (see right image) which crops up in the work of such notable scientist-alchemists as Sir Isaac Newton, but records of how or why it was used do not appear to have survived. Modern-day scientists, including Glenn T. Seaborg, continued this ancient tradition by using nuclear collisions to transform Bismuth into Gold as recently as 1980. This website provides an interesting overview of the major alchemical metals, and provides a good background of the associated semiotics and history, but even there Bismuth is not mentioned except in passing.

As with many multicolored or iridescent crystals, Bismuth can be used as a point of focus in shamanic journeying, astral projection, etc. It could act as a focusing crystal in other areas of life as well, and may be beneficial to people with ADHD or other neurotypes characterized by poor executive function. It also enhances visualization, and may improve meditation experiences.

Bismuth reduces feelings of isolation, and can improve connections with other people. Its rainbow colors make it ideal for energy work, and it can be instrumental in cleansing the aura.

Chakra Association:
All, but especially the Crown (Seventh) Chakra

Element: Air

Energy: Receptive

Planetary Association: Saturn

*Magickal healing should never take the place of seeing a doctor and following any recommended prescriptions, actions, or other advice. Magick works best in tandem with physical efforts, anyway, so don't skimp on those check-ups!


April 8th, 2017

Happy April! School continues to give me the run-around, but I've worked a couple of spiritual events into my schedule. Last weekend, the city put on an 11 Days of Compassion program, which included a morning walk over at the Gaia House labyrinth. I had to get myself up earlier than I prefer for a Sunday, but the walk was really nice.

All the flowers were blooming, including these lovely tulips.

I was standing in the center of the labyrinth, thinking about how nice it would be if the fountain were running, and then it suddenly kicked on.

Then today, a friend from school drove with me over to a local gem and mineral show put on by the regional Earth Science club.

There were so many cool specimens, lots of which were from the area, but many others of which were from around the world. Crystals, fossils - you name it, it was probably there.

I tried to keep my purchases moderate. I got a piece of Bismuth, a Celestite cluster, a big chunk of Bloodstone, a Rhodonite pyramid, an Orthoceras fossil, and some Fluorite chunks (which were actually free from one of the vendors).


March 20th, 2017

Happy Ostara, and happy 21st birthday to me! I celebrated both events by... doing homework and going to class. Such is the life of a college student. I did get to go out to dinner with my mom and my roommate, though, so that was fun.

This image is by Linda Ravenscroft, as printed in Llewellyn's 2017 fairy calendar - it seemed appropriate for today.

This little wooden sign also seemed appropriate; it was a gift from my mom to her spring baby.


Hiking with SIPA

There were only a few of us today, and it was a bit chillier than expected, but it was still a lot of fun to meet up with some friends from SIPA for an afternoon hike.

This area has loads of parks and trails and state reserves - I've been down here for school for three years and I've barely scratched the surface - so both of the places we went were new to me.

Our first stop was a local arboretum.

There were a lot of pine and cypress trees.

We saw some ducks and a turtle out on the pond.

Apparently, there is also a bamboo forest, which was beautiful, but which was rather surreal because of how out-of-place it felt. There were old sandstone blocks strewn about, perhaps from a long-since gone house, and little tunnels running through the thick bamboo grove.

We also went over to a second, smaller hiking trail which featured a creek (mostly dry at the moment), lots of shelf fungus, and birds including cardinals and a red-headed woodpecker.

March 5th, 2017

I rearranged my altar this morning and got it set up for Ostara!

I used a different scarf for an altar cloth (very handy if, like me, you have quite a few scarves), and then set up my many glittery egg and/or rabbit-themed decorations. It's both festive and colorful!

This afternoon, I am going hiking with SIPA; pictures to follow!


March 3rd, 2017

My design studio took a field trip to the mall yesterday (our next project involves retail design), and of course I couldn't go to the mall without stopping at Earthbound, so...

...I bought a baby cauldron! It's a small, cast iron piece with three legs, and it was on sale for half-off. I've been eyeing them for a while, so I'm glad I waited to get one until they were on sale.

I also got this tiny leather-bound book. It was on clearance, plus I got another discount, so it was less than $1. I'm going to use it for recording sigil ideas in.


February 25th, 2017

I cannot believe I am only just now finishing my research on the stones I acquired at Fairy Fest over six months ago, but to be fair to myself, I've been busy with school and we had a bunch of family crises, so finding the time and energy to do my research has been a challenge.

Anyhow, the last Fairy Fest stone I have to share information on is Andara Crystal Glass; I was gifted a chunk of it by an energy worker at the festival, and it's a variety of crystal with a rather contentious, questionable story behind it. The long and short of it is, Andara Crystal Glass is synthetic, not natural (more on that below), and as such, many unscrupulous vendors will hype up the crystal while providing little factual information on it, and then charge an outrageous price for the stuff.

My stance on synthetic crystals is firmly positive - I enjoy Opalite, Goldstone, and etc. both aesthetically and magickally - but it is important to know before you buy that this is not some incredibly rare and hard-to-come-by mineral. Make sure the price tag reflects that.


Andara Crystal Glass

Physical Characteristics: This variety of glass can be found in virtually any color, and in varying opacities.

In Nature: Andara Crystal Glass is not found in nature. It is cullet glass leftover from other glass-making processes, and often found in the slag variety. Slag glass is its own subsection of streaky, opaque glass, often used decoratively in light fixtures, but the main takeaway is that this is not a naturally-occurring crystal. 

According to one story, a California earthquake in the 1960's uncovered a buried deposit of some of this glass, and that is what brought it to the attention of the metaphysical community. This makes sense in passing, as California is highly earthquake-prone, but I was unable to find confirmation of this from a reliable source, so take the story with a grain of salt.

Chemical Composition: Silica-based, varies by method of production

Mohs Scale Hardness: 5.5 - 6.5 (middle)

Can be Found:
Theoretically, wherever glass (especially slag glass) is made

Healing Properties*: None noted besides the benefits listed below

Magickal Properties: The information available on Andara Crystal Glass is mixed, some of it being believable, and some of it going straight off the metaphysical deep end. That being said, Andara Crystals are generally associated with energy work. They can be imbued with Reiki energy, and likewise are used for clearing the chakras and raising one's personal vibration.

Other uses include raising one's conscious awareness, and channeling information. They are stones of positive thought, and for connecting to the energy of the universe and/or deity. Andara Crystal Glass is best charged with light, sunlight being the most effective.

Individual colors have their own meanings which can be investigated further, though keep a critical eye when reading through information provided by vendors trying to sell their product.

Chakra Association: Crown (Seventh) Chakra

Element: Akasha

Energy: Receptive

Planetary Association: Uranus, Moon

*Magickal healing should never take the place of seeing a doctor and following any recommended prescriptions, actions, or other advice. Magick works best in tandem with physical efforts, anyway, so don't skimp on those check-ups!


February 24th, 2017

Today, we are having witch weather.

The sky is dark, but a brilliant beam of sunlight poking through the clouds makes everything glow. The air is warm, but there is a stiff breeze blowing, the kind that whips your hair in your face and makes your coat stream out behind you.

Now it is thunder-storming, and the rain is pelting the windows. Intermittent cracks of thunder echo over campus.

Tonight is the waning moon. Perhaps the storm will continue. One way or the other, there is the feeling of electricity in the air. It's time to bind some neo-nazis.