Merry Meet, all. Hummingbird, here. 19-year-old eclectic Pagan and witch who works primarily in crystal magick and energy manipulation. Asexual, with a wonderful girlfriend. I am just beginning to learn the path of Athena. Attending college with end goal of a degree in Interior Design.

This blog is a digitalized record of my life as a Pagan. It includes spells, charms, meditations, notes on the properties of various magickal items, and my own personal experiences with my practice. Sometimes I post multiple times a day, sometimes it's once a month.

All are welcome here. Please, make yourself at home, and let me know if I can help you with anything. )0(


October 5th, 2015

I'm really enjoying the opportunities this Pagan girl gets in Architecture History. Today in the middle of lecture, my professor asked who all had walked a labyrinth before. I was one of the very few who raised their hands, so my prof basically said, screw the lecture, let's go walk a labyrinth.

We walked across the street to Gaia House, and went out to their labyrinth in the back. 

It was pretty crowded with thirty or forty of us all trying to walk through it at once.

My professor then went on to explain how this labyrinth is a near replica of the one at Chartes Cathedral in France, and how the stacked stone over the neighboring waterfall represents the altar.

Chartes in turn is built on the site of worship of an ancient Celtic goddess, and is recognized as a significant energy vortex by many metaphysicians.

All in all, it was an exciting day to be learning about architecture.


October 2nd, 2015

I wanted to post this yesterday, but I ended up doing a bunch of homework instead, so here it is today. Happy October! I am excitedly getting ready for Samhain. I had to do a change of living quarters yesterday, but I'm all settled in my new space now, and I really like it. Here's some pictures of how my roommate and I have decorated it:

Some spooky cards for the door.

Tinsel, my calendar, my candelabra, and a few other things that got cropped out.

Trick or treat! 

Some little ghosts fleeing Sam and Dean Winchester.

A pumpkin and tea light to spookify my roommate's dresser.

More pumpkins.

My Samhain altar, which I'll talk more about some other time.

I love October!


September 30th, 2015

Just thought I'd share a couple of pictures from our Mabon ritual. I'm not positive whether it was the group's photographer that took these, or one of the other members, but in any case, it wasn't me.

Our caller for the North.

That's me in my blue cape. The little grill by my feet is where we were burning things, and the basket in the middle is where we were putting our produce.

Center of the Circle, altar, etc.

There's going to be both a Samhain party and a ritual next month - I'm really hoping to go to both! 


September 28th, 2015

Last night's Blood Moon was so amazing. I don't even have words, so I won't bother trying to describing it. I've been in such a peaceful place all day today, it's been lovely.

I got a few grainy photos of the moon on my phone, so I'll share some of those.

This is a shot of the moon around 7:45, before the eclipse. There was just a really nice view of it over the neighboring building.

This is the moon around 9:00, when it was about three-quarters of the way eclipsed.

And this is the moon around 9:15, almost fully eclipsed.

My mom got this amazing shot of the Super Moon effect back home.

She also got this fabulous image of the moon in eclipse. If only my camera-phone took pictures that crisp....


Shopping Haul

I did some shopping today! 

In order to celebrate my new job, and also just to relax a bit, I went out and bought some things at Earthbound that I've really been wanting.

First off, they had this amazing candelabra which I've been eyeing since last fall, and I finally just had to have it. It's completely my style, and just very bright and cheerful, so I'm glad to have it, even if it was pricey.

I got this cool candle at a discount, and it's actually a bit brighter purple than it appears in this photo, but it's a four-sided pyramid carved with an eye, and I think it'll lend a really interesting energy to any psychic work I delve into.

I got one of the best deals on these. They're 100% pure essential oil diffuser bottles, originally priced at $16, but they were on clearance for $4 a piece, and I got the second one at an additional 50% off, so I only paid $6 for the pair. The brand is rareESSENCE; on the left is the peace scent (frankincense, myrrh, palo santo), and on the right is the clarity (eucalyptus, sage). 

I also walked over to Goodwill and picked up a few things. This is Zen: An Ancient Path to Enlightenment for Modern Times, by Peter Oldmeadow. It looked interesting, and it was only $1.

This book, also, was $1. It is Medicine Woman, by Lynn V. Andrews, and is an autobiography. Again, it sounded interesting.

And then last, but by no means least, I picked up a frame for a very cool piece. This poem was written by Travis, of the Pagan Scholar YouTube channel. I won it in his giveaway, and wanted to be able to display it appropriately. It's a piece of blackout poetry, and basically turns an old Bible page into a unique, Pagan-ish poem!

Natural Beauty

I've taken a couple of pictures the last few days of some beautiful things I've seen here at school, and so I thought I would share.

A sunset from Friday night.

A butterfly at Habitat for Humanity yesterday.

A goofy squirrel eating a nut this afternoon.

I've also seen our local groundhog running around a few times, but so far, I haven't been able to get a picture.

September 27th, 2015

It's the lunar eclipse tonight, everyone! Tonight is the Harvest Moon, "Super Moon", and Blood Moon eclipse all at the same time. It is also the end of a four-year astronomical cycle, called a tetrad. You may have noticed we've been having a lot of eclipses recently; two last year, and tonight will be the second this year. These four eclipses happen about every 11 years, and are significant to different groups for different reasons. 

Some Christians, who take the Bible more literally, consider it a sign of the Apocalypse, as noted in the New Testament. Apparently, there's also a pastor who's claiming that they represent the fulfillment of a prophecy in his denomination. 

The Inca believed that a jaguar attacked the moon during this time, staining it red, while the Mesopotamians believed that it was a sign their king was in danger of demonic attack, and so they would install a surrogate king for the length of the eclipse to bear the brunt of any injury. To the Hupa Native American tribe, of northern California, the belief was that the moon had forgotten to feed his pet mountain lions, and so they attacked him.  

On the Pagan side of things, eclipses can be considered an entire lunar month compressed into one evening, as the moon waxes, reaches full, and wanes as the eclipse occurs. Therefore, magick done during this time can really pack a punch, although one should be certain that one knows what one wants, as the effects can really be far-reaching. 

At this time, as this is the end of a moon cycle, and also of the summer season, magick is best centered around banishing and letting go. I know I'm planning to continue the work I began at Mabon, releasing old energies and moving past some things. I'm hoping to go out tonight and actually see the eclipse, but it's supposed to be cloudy all day, so I don't know if I'll be able to.

It should also be noted that while lunar eclipses are often called "Blood Moons" for the reddish color they turn as light refracts through the atmosphere, the general name of the October full moon is also the Blood Moon, and these events are not the same thing. 


September 26th, 2015

It was a little surreal to just sit and relax this afternoon after being in a constant state of motion all week, but I did make myself take some time to recharge. I ended up doing a page in a Japanese brocade-pattern coloring book that my mom sent me in the mail.

Complex patterns like this, as well as mandalas and similar, are great tools for active meditation; that is, if you find it difficult (as I sometimes do) to calm your mind just sitting still, then coloring is a good way to center and focus while still doing something.

Now, I wasn't doing this as a meditation today. Instead, I sat watching some YouTube videos by other Pagans and just generally trying to expand my knowledge base. Still, in the future, I may very well use it as a meditative technique. I may also cut up a page or two and paste smaller drawings into what I've decided to call my Scrapbook of Shadows, especially if I need decorations for pages on Shinto deities, practices, etc.


September 25th, 2015

Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither are my architecture models.

I've spent so much time this week working on a model of the Temple to Athena Nike that I pretty much haven't done anything else, but as of this morning, I finished it.

My ARC History professor should be happy with it, and I think the goddess is, too. If I get it back, I'll probably put it on my altar as a place to give offerings. 


September 20th, 2015

I went out for a walk after lunch today to collect some leaves for my Mabon ritual, and I actually ended up finding all kinds of neat things.

I saw a bunch of birds, including two large hawks or vultures, I'm not sure which, and a hawk at the top of this tree. I also went down by the creek again and spotted more frogs. 

Here's my altar after I added my findings to it. My basket of leaves is in the back. On the left is a big piece of shelf fungus, and next to my little wreath is a collection of seed pods and acorns. I also found a piece of sycamore bark, which I'm now using as a stand on my desk to hold some offerings. 

This was the other thing I discovered: a tiny bird skull. It was lying in a pile of cicada exoskeletons, and I felt drawn to keep it, so I added it to my basket. It's now in a Ziploc bag where it will stay for a week or two, to be sure there aren't any organisms living on it.